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The STA runs programs and events over the course of the entire year for its' members.  These include tournaments, team tennis, a singles challenge ladder, and other more social events.  Below is an overview of these events.  Some events are open to anyone while others are members only.  If you are interested in any of the below and are a member, login to see the members only site contents.


 Seattle Classic 2019

This annual tournament is open to anyone, and is the flagship tournament of the club. Sanctioned by the GLTA, players earn points toward their GTLA ranking. The tournament includes singles and doubles events for the open, A, B, C, and D levels and includes a banquet on the second evening.                                                                  Click here to register!                          

Herb Millro Classic 2019

The Herb Millro Classic is an annual, STA members only,  tournament and is named in memory of Herb "Herbie" Millro, who was very instrumental in the success of the STA.  As one of the original founding members, Herbie could always be found on the Broadway Playfield courts where the STA was born back in 1984. Herbie’s passion for the game was contagious and he was always willing to develop the skills of the younger players.   His presence on the STA Board of Directors shaped many of the activities members today enjoy. Herbie's tireless energy and sparkling personality shined brightly until his passing in 2013.  His spirit lives within many of us who knew him well and he will forever be remembered as a driving force of the Seattle Tennis Alliance.

Herb Millro Classic 2019

The Herb Millro Classic is an annual STA members only tournament. 

When:          July 26, 27 & 28th
Where:         Lower Woodland Park (outdoor lighted courts) 
                    5773 West Green Lake Way N
                     Only available to active STA member

This move from past winter dates, allows us to offer more events, for more club members at a lower cost.  

Updates will be posted on our Facebook page, sent in player newsletters, and accessible by logging into our website as an STA member. 

                                                       Team Tennis

STA Team Tennis - STA Team Tennis is a members only event where teams of 4 players compete against each other over the course of a summer/fall.  Players that enter the event are divided between the teams so that the skill level of each team is as even as possible.  Each team plays every other team once in 4 singles and 2 doubles matches.  The theme of the season may vary from representing international countries to your favorite sitcom, but is is NEVER a dull time!

USTA Team Tennis - Many STA members are involved in USTA team tennis.  You do not need to be an STA member to play on an STA organized USTA team. Depending on your level of play, practices start in the winter and matches begin in late winter/spring continuing into early summer.  USTA teams are independently run by members of the STA who volunteer their time to play team manager. 

Northwest CupThe Northwest Cup is an annual competitive team tennis event featuring the top players from the Seattle Tennis Alliance, Team Portland Tennis Association and the Vancouver Tennis association.  This is a members only event.  The host city rotates among the participating teams providing a different venue for the event each year. 

PAC Cup - Every year, a team comprised of the best intermediate players from the Seattle Tennis Alliance represents our club in weekend singles and doubles competition against the west coast GLTA tennis clubs from Vancouver, Portland, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Los Angeles and San Diego.  This is a members only event.  The host city rotates each year among the participating cities providing a different venue for the event each year.  Players with an NTRP rating of 3.5 or lower (GLTA B or lower) are able to sign up and compete for a spot on the Seattle team.  There is no cost to participate in practice and try out for the team.

West Coast Cup -The STA is fielding a team for the 2019 West Coast Cup to be held August 16-19 at Balboa Tennis Club in San Diego. 

For the second consecutive year, a team comprised of the best STA members with an NTRP rating of 3.0 or lower (GLTA C or lower), will represent our club in weekend single and doubles competition against other GLTA clubs including the host city for 2019 San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Portland, and Vancouver.  If you are a NTRP 3.0/GLTA C, rated player sign up and compete for a spot on the Seattle team. There is no cost to participate in practice and try out for the team.  

To participate, you must first be a member of the STA (Yet another good reason to join!) The STA team will be selected based on the team ladder challenge match results, tryouts, and the discretion of the team captains.  Though tryouts are competitive, in the spirit of the STA, we also aim to have fun and ensure that all who play or cheer on other players have a positive experience.

If you would like to participate in team tryouts, Email team captain, Gary Renville. 

Social Tennis Events

Saturday & Sunday Fall/Winter Social Doubles - It's not quite breakfast at Wimbledon; however, Saturday & Sunday Social Doubles is a great way to socialize and network with fellow STA members who you may not already know.

Unlike Summer social doubles, during the Fall/Winter (Indoor) season, we have to "wait in line" like everyone else, for courts to become available, and so we will not know the exact court time(s) until just prior to the event.  Information will be updated quickly on our website and Facebook page. 

We would love to see as many new faces as possible, and returning ones too of course, so SIGN UP NOW AND GET OUT THERE. 

Summer Social Doubles - Summer Social doubles is a great way to introduce new players to our organization and play tennis with other members! This event begins in May and runs through the summer.  The event is open to anyone.  Join the STA for summer social doubles every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Lower Woodland Park Tennis Courts near Green Lake starting in May, 2019. 

Doubles Roulette - This event is known as a Calcutta-style tournament and is for members only. Members who enter the event are assigned their doubles partner based on a random drawing.  When your skill levels are added together, a handicap system will be used to level the playing field.  It's always been a lot of fun...

USTA Team Sign Up

  • If you are looking for a 3.0 team, STA member, Jim Thompson, is recruiting for his team.
  • If you are looking for other teams /level to join, we can help in your search. Email us for more info!