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Welcome to the Herb Millro Classic 2018 

The Herb Millro Classic is a members only tournament that is held each year around the winter holiday season.  The 2017/18 tournament will be held December 29th, 30th, and 31st, 2017 at the Amy Yee Tennis Center. 

The tournament is a memorial to Herb "Herbie" Millro who was very instrumental in the success of the Seattle Tennis Alliance.  As one of the original founding members, Herbie could always be found on the Broadway Playfield courts where the STA was born back in 1984.  His passion for the game was contagious and he was always willing to develop the skills of the younger players.  Herbie's connections within the Seattle tennis community helped put the STA on solid ground with the GLTA, USTA, the Nordstrom Tennis Facility and the Amy Yee Tennis Center.  His presence on the STA Board of Directors shaped many of the activities members today enjoy.  Herbie's tireless energy and sparkling personality shined brightly until his untimely death.  His spirit lives within many of us who knew him well and he will forever be remembered as the driving force of the success of the Seattle Tennis Alliance.

Tournament Brackets and Players

If you are not an STA member yet, please sign up prior to registering for this tournament.

Entry Deadline: Entries must be received by Friday, December 22, 2017 at midnight. No telephone or fax entries will be accepted. Doubles teams are not entered into the draw until completed applications and fees are received from both players. No refunds will be given after Wednesday, December 26, 2017.

One Event-$65
Two Events-$80

Payment for the tournament can be made online, at the holiday party, Sunday social doubles, or on the first day of the tournament. 

This tournament will be played in a round robin format, giving plenty of tennis for everyone to play. Sign up using your current GLTA/USTA ranking & we will make sure you are in the right division. For Event Entry, please sign up for the doubles level that combines your level with your partners (i.e. 3.0 & 3.5 = 6.5). If you are confused, please just sign up, get it close & we'll adjust later!

Draws: If a division has less than five entrants, participants will have the choice of moving to another division or receiving a refund.

Wait Lists: For each draw, a wait list will be maintained if more entries are received than can be accommodated.

Entry Classification: The tournament draw committee has the right to reclassify a player to a higher division in accordance with GLTA Rules and Regulations.


GLTA rules and the USTA Rules and Code of Ethics will apply. The tournament director will interpret and enforce all rules as needed. Rulings will be final.

Scoring: All round robin matches will be six game pro-sets. A 7 point tiebreaker will be played at 6-6. Scoring formats may be shortened if scheduling requires.

Scoring disputes: If players cannot agree on the score, they must resume at the last point at which both players agree.

Line Disputes: If you have disputes regarding line calls, you may request a line judge from the desk, but there is no guarantee a judge will be provided. The judge will rule only if a line call is appealed to the judge.

Alcohol: Alcohol is not allowed at any time during the tournament.

Attire: Proper tennis attire is required on court. Specifically, you must wear a shirt. Court shoes are required.

Check-in: Check-in at least 15 minutes prior to your match time.

Warm-up: An 8-minute warm-up time for all matches will be strictly enforced.

Default: The default times below begin from the scheduled match time:

· 5:00 minutes or less – loss of toss and game

· 5:01 to 10:00 minutes – loss of toss and 2 games

· 10:01 to 15:00 minutes – loss of toss and 3 games

· more than 15 minutes – default


· No break during the first changeover in each set

· 60-second break during each remaining changeover in each set

· 2-minute break between each set

· One 3-minute bathroom break per player

Substitutions: No substitutions will be allowed except through the Tournament Director’s discretion.

Injuries: You will be allowed a 3-minute period to assess your injury, after which you may elect to play or retire.

In conjunction with my participation in Herb Millro 2018 and related activities and events, I agree to waive all rights and claims for bodily injury or emotional injury to my reputation or any other damage or harms that I might suffer or any other claims of any nature I or my legal representatives may have against The Herb Millro 2018, the Seattle Tennis Alliance, Amy Yee Tennis Center and other tournament sites, tournament sponsors, or any organization, facility, or individual associated with this tournament and the related activities and events. I also understand that there may be unforeseen hazards, objects, and other matter on the playing surface and I will be participating at my own risk and the above organizations, facilities and individuals will not be responsible for any harm, injury, or damage, that I may suffer. I also release and waive any and all rights to claim damages or remuneration which may arise as a result of reference to photographs, images, or likenesses of me which may appear in any publication or other media coverage. I understand this tournament will be governing the discipline of players and enforcing USTA/GLTA rules and regulations.